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Convert to SEPAxmlPAIN using IBANC - What is important about the new standard format?

SEPAxml enhances the amount of characters in use when compared to former country specific formats. Xml-files therefore can be up to ten times larger than common codes prior to SEPA, which enlarges its potential usage for a multiple number of transaction applicaple to the Eurozone. When creating direct debit files or equivalents for credit orders the numerical code for SEPAxml changes slightly. As an example in Netherlands credit orders are expressed in XML PAIN.001.001.003 whereas direct debits being written in XML PAIN.008.001.002. IBANC Software creates these formats regardless of the country and compatible with every bank within SEPA.

IBANC optimally implements SEPA standards

The European Payment Council published implementation guidelines regarding SEPA. There you can find explicit information about how SEPA transactions must be implemented in order to fit the new XML standard. IBANC SEPA software is based upon the Council's specifications, so that processes for conversion will be guaranteed on a zero error basis. For that reason IBANC is recommended by multiple banks throughout Europe.

XML convertion tool


Ideal for SEPA direct debits (SDD)
Extremely userfriendly and ready for use in not more than one hour
Easily connectable to your CRM or accounting software
Compatible for Windows, Apple & Linux
Import of Excel, CSV, ClieOp03, DATAUS0, SEPA-XML and all other common formats

xml convertion tool

Experience IBANC's functionality

If all your relevant clients' data is currently stored at an accounting program or if you are using Excel to manage your customer administration, IBANC is able to import these data effortlessly.
Furthermore, the grouping of your data will not be changed and the completeness of your information is guaranteed ex post import.
If you are interested in more complex and flexible solutions, also CSV files are being admitted for conversion.

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