• Best Choice

    Best Choice

    Many of Europe's major banks
    recommend IBANC. Even the Dutch
    National Bank is an IBANC customer.

  • Simple and specialised

    Simple and specialised

    Modern approach to collect and
    pay, including the control
    of all your data.

  • Compatible


    Works on all systems
    and supports the import
    of all common formats.

  • GDPR Ready

    GDPR Ready

    No data processing agreements
    required: safe, offline and fully
    under your control.


IBANC -pay-collect-control- Software enables your organisation to create and execute credit transfers and direct debits according to the latest SEPA (Single European Payment Area) regulations. The software automatically checks your input for errors and gives you a clear insight into payment information of each account. IBANC offers complete control in an easy manageable system, where you can manage customer relations, mandates and groups. IBANC supports direct import from all conventional file types.


Who uses IBANC

IBANC customers buy specialised software for their financial department. IBANC serves a very broad and diverse market where it is used by all kind of membership organisations associations, foundations, companies and government institutions. On average more than 1000 organisations a month start working with IBANC. IBANC is easier to use, offers more functions and is cheaper than SEPA modules from accounting- or ERP software suppliers. Since 2013, IBANC is by far the most widely sold ‘’pay-collect-control’’ software in Europe.


IBANC Technical

IBANC runs on all platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux. IBANC software also works together with your current accounting and ERP software, helping you retain the value of your investment in existing systems. You can easily exchange data with IBANC through Excel, CSV, SEPA XML (PAIN) and BTL91.
It is also possible to import your bank statement files (CAMT.053) in IBANC. The reconciliation feature enables you to track and reschedule returns and rejects. IBANC works flawlessly with every European bank.


IBANC is Secure

You can install IBANC safely on your computer, after all it contains data on your own payment transactions. Once installed, IBANC points out any input errors and will always perform an automatic transaction-check, to ensure you that your company’s direct debit and/or credit transfer is correct and will be accepted by your bank. If your computer gets stolen or breaks down and you are using the secure IBANC Back-up service you can always regain access to your otherwise lost data. IBANC Transfer-service gives you the option to transfer your IBANC licence freely to a new computer without losing any data or information. Almost all European banks recommend IBANC as safest and best -pay-collect-control- software.


IBANC | versions

IBANC Standard

  • 1 own bank account
  • 1.000 transactions per batch
  • CORE SEPA Direct Debits
  • SEPA Credit Transfers
  • Control transactions
  • Mandate Management
  • Extensive address book
  • IBAN control
  • Import Excel/CSV
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux
BUY NOW * Prices exclude VAT

IBANC Business

  • 5 own bank accounts
  • 10.000 transactions per batch
  • CORE and B2B SEPA Direct Debits
  • SEPA Credit Transfers
  • Control transactions
  • Mandate Management
  • Extensive address book
  • IBAN control
  • Import Excel/CSV/SEPA-XML
  • Salary payments
  • Reconciliation through CAMT053 files
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux
BUY NOW * Prices exclude VAT

IBANC Ultimate

  • Optional: international payments in all currencies
  • All functionality from IBANC Business
  • +
  • Unlimited bank accounts
  • Unlimited transactions per batch
  • Import BTL91 formatted files
  • MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 checksums
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux
BUY NOW * Prices exclude VAT

IBANC Server

Price on request
  • Optional: international payments in all currencies
  • All functionality from IBANC Ultimate
  • +
  • Multiple simulaneous users
  • Centralized storage
  • Centralized management
  • Customization possible
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Support for virtual networkenvironments/Citrix/Azure
Contact * Prices exclude VAT

IBANC | Update Service

  Standard* Business* Ultimate*
12 months Update Service € 119,- € 249,- € 369,-
* Prices are annually and exclude VAT.

Renewing your service package is easy: in IBANC, open Help and select Renew service contract. After confirming your order, your service package will be renewed for 12 months, starting from the expiration date of your current contract period. The service package will be automatically renewed for a year unless one or both parties terminates the contract two months prior to the expiration of the current contract. You can also send an email to info@ibanc.eu or fill out the contact form.

  • Update Service

    Updates enable optimal performance of the
    software and implement new functionalities. Additionally, all frequent and required regulatory updates to IBAN / SEPA that are introduced are implemented in IBANC's updates .
    Like all quality software suppliers,
    we frequently release security updates.

  • Support via phone / e-mail

    Our support team is available by phone during
    weekdays on +31 85 401 7760.
    We also have the ability to provide remote
    support. Contacting us per e-mail is always an

  • Online Backup- & Transfer Service

    Secure your data in case your computer crashes or gets stolen by using the IBANC Online Backup- & Transfer Service. With this service you can freely and effortlessly reinstall and transfer IBANC software on a new computer while maintaining all data from your back-ups. This is also helpful when someone takes over your tasks temporarily or permanently.

IBANC | Worldpayments module

The Worldpayments module of IBANC Ultimate and IBANC Server enables you to perform worldwide payments in all currencies. You can generate SWIFT CGI-XML files from MS Excel, CSV or directly from the software itself. Your deprecated BTL91-files will be converted effortlessly to the new XML-file format.

  Ultimate* Server**
Worldpayments module € 260,- € 260,-
* Prices are annually and exclude VAT.
** Prices are annually per client and exclude VAT.

IBANC | Trial version

With the free trial you can perform 3 transactions per batch. After you've filled out the form
you will receive an e-mail with the downloadlink. Have you not received the download link, please check
your 'junk mail' or contact us.

Free Trial

IBANC | Contact

You can reach us on +31 85 401 7760 or use the contactform below.
More information can be found in the manual and on our forum.